Los Cristianos y la pobreza (Artículo)

Buen artículo para empezar una buena discusión sobre el tema!

Christian Obligations: “The Poor You Will Always Have with You”

by John Bolt

This article argues that a biblically framed approach to wealth and poverty is much more complex than simple answers from the Left or the Right often state them. Neither a “I fight poverty; I work” mentality, nor a “soak the rich” attitude does justice to Scripture or to the complexity of economic life. Rather than moving simply from specific Bible texts to prescriptive rules for contemporary economic life, we need to turn to basic Christian teaching about humanity, about the image of God, as ways into the complexity of economic life.



(El texto completo está en: http://www.acton.org/publicat/m_and_m/new/article.php?article=13v )


Acerca de Juan Callejas

Born September 22, 1976 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Father to two beautiful daughters. MBA Regent University, 2002 Licenciatura en Economía UFM, 1999 Colegio Americano de Guatemala, 1994 CSD Municipal

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