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Prayer: A Movement For the Community

 One Jewish scholar states it this way:

Prayer that isolates us–prayer that leads us to believe that we need only ourselves and God, and have no no need for other human beings and no obligations to them; prayer that regards the community and its needs as unimportant–is destructive prayer.–Reuven Hammer

Pragmatic, baby-boomer, program-oriented church communities typically spend more time "doing programs" than coming together to pray with and for each other. What would a community of Jesus followers look like if it was a community steeped in prayer?

If Jesus followers in high school and college spent much time in prayer for themselves, for one another, and life on their campuses what would life look like?

I wonder how much of most Christian’s struggle with loneliness is a result of western, individualistic Christianity?

My friend Anthony posted this great reflection on his personal blog:

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